Veepro Holland Tour 2012

Please find below the reports from the journalists who participated in the Veepro Holland Tour 2012

LEBANON: Mrs. Christiane Aoun, Middle East Agrifood Publishers

UNITED KINGDOM: Mrs. Aly Balsom, Farmers Weekly

SERBIA: Mr. Uros Davidovic, “Dobra zemlja, TV B92
HOLLAND 1: Story about All Holland Dairy Show, and about why some Dutch cows are so expensive. Reason is tough selection processes and constant genetically improvement.  Story about longevity of cows and what are economic reasons behind that.

HOLLAND 2: Continued report about AHDS and story about some technical
solutions we had seen there in sence of milking, litter , housing,
managment solutions and etc.

HOLLAND 3: Story about CRV and Dutch bulls in general – why that is so
important …

HOLLAND 4: Story about CRV facilities, bull selection, new ways of
improving selection, results and conclusions we in Serbia can get out of
whole thing. Also we had been reporting about particular animals –
category of bulls who gave over 1 000 000 doses of semen.

UKRAINE: Mrs. Hulnar Ibrayeva

MOROCCO: Mrs. Anaflous Sana, Association Nationale des Eleveurs de Bovins – A.N.E.B.

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Mr. Mirhat Mustafic, FTV “Zelena panorama” (Federal TV – Green panorama)

RUSSIA: Miss Sasha Ryzhkova, Dairy News Russia

SOUTH AFRICA: Mrs. Liza Bohlmann, AgriConnect, The Dairy Mail

GREECE: Miss Maria Sidiropoulou
Articles coming soon!

ALGERIA: Mr. Khaled Remouche, Newspaper Liberté Algeria

POLAND: Miss Mirostawa Wieczorek, Top Agrar Poland
Top Agrar, December 2012, page 30-33