Dutch cattle now available for Pakistan’s dairy sector.

Today cattle trade between the Netherlands and Pakistan has resumed after 11 years. The import restrictions have been lifted and a protocol has been agreed, finally allowing trade to resume. The availability of world class Dutch dairy cattle presents a unique opportunity to Pakistan’s growing dairy sector.

7 November, 2014

After all, the Netherlands are the cradle of the famous Holstein Friesian cow, and have perfected this healthy and fertile breed over the centuries. Dutch Holstein Frisian cows can produce no less than 30,000kg of milk in a lifetime; a yield that is unmatched worldwide.

Moreover, the Netherlands also provide the best feed, medicine and management skills to fulfil the complete genetic potential of these cows, tremendously raising the potential profitability of dairy farming in Pakistan.

The Netherlands’ excellence in dairy farming is a prime example of the high-intensity, high-sustainability agribusiness that Pakistan needs to modernise and expand its agricultural sector, to address the growing demand for the next generation.

To learn more about importing Dutch dairy cattle and related products, please contact the Trade Section of the Netherlands Embassy at ISL-EA@minbuza.nl

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has published the instruction for exporting cattle to Pakistan. Please click here